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Class 3


Welcome to Class 3's Page!

We are a fantastic, fun and friendly bunch of Year 3 and Year 4 children, who love learning and work extremely hard to be the very best that we can be! Our class teacher is Miss Mayo and our two terrific teaching assistants are Mrs Groves and Mrs Truby.

On this page, you will be able to find out about all of the exciting things that we have been getting up to as well as being able to access useful information and dates.


Key Diary Dates for 2019/2020 

Monday 6th January: Back to school

Tuesday 7th January: Swimming begins

Tuesday 11th February: Valentines Disco

Friday 14th February: Break up for Half Term

Monday 24th February: Back to school

WC 2nd March: Science Week

Thursday 5th March: World Book Day

Wednesday 11th March: KS2 Residential (Y4, 5, 6)

Friday 13th March: Return from KS2 Residential

Friday 20th March: KS1 Mother's Day service

Friday 3rd April: Easter service at St Helen's Church - 2pm

Friday 3rd April: Break up for Easter holidays

Monday 20th April: Back to school


Useful Information 

PE in Class 3 takes place on a Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon. On Tuesdays, Class 3 will be attending statutory swimming lessons at Bramcote Swimming Baths.

Class 3 have a spelling test every Thursday afternoon. Children will then be given new spellings to learn over the course of the following week. We understand that some spellings can be tricky to learn so it is important to practice regularly and look out for the patterns that can help you! When children reach 150 correct spellings, they will receive an exciting treat! 

Reading is a regular and enjoyable part of our day in Class 3 and it is fantastic to see so many children reading at home too! All children have a Reading Bookmark in the back of their homework diaries - for every read at home (signed by a grown-up), children will receive a star. When children have collected 15 and 30 stars, they will be rewarded!

In June 2020, Year 4 children will be sitting a new Times Tables test. We have daily practice in Class 3 but it is encouraged that children also practice at home. There are many fantastic websites and apps to use but we love using 'Hit the Button' in Class 3, which can be accessed below.

Hit the Button


Spring 2 Topic List

Shared Reading: Leonardo and the Flying Boy by Laurence Anholt

Topic: Inspirational Italy

Science: Light

Religious Education: Why do Christians call the day Jesus died 'Good Friday'?

Spanish with Miss Lazaro: Numbers, Foods, Colours and Birthdays


Splendid Shrove Tuesday 

As today was Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day), we began our new RE topic early and discussed the significance behind Lent and Ash Wednesday. We thought this was the perfect excuse to sample a pancake or two...


Museum Madness

Today, Class 3 visited the New Walk Museum in Leicester, famous for having one of the largest collections of Ancient Egyptian artefacts in England! We were able to explore the life and death of two real-life mummies and handle artefacts that are over 4,500 years old! We had lots of fun and giggles dressing up as Ancient Egyptians and ended the morning by exploring the rest of the museum, finding some extremely big dinosaurs and fossils! Well done for representing St John's so well #proudteacher


 Exciting English

Today, we had lots of fun beginning our Instructions work in English. We followed a set of instructions very carefully to create some fantastic Egyptian necklaces!


Manor Farm Madness

On Wednesday 4th December, Class 3 went on a fantastic trip to Manor Farm Park and Woodlands. We spent all day in the woods and took part in lots of very exciting activities all about our Vikings topic. Class 3 spent the morning playing a trading game and exploring the woods, thinking about Viking homelands and readily available resources and building a den ready to eat our lunches in! After lunch, we had a go at cooking oatcakes on an open fire, Scandinavian whipcord braiding, warrior training, making wattle and daub and fire lighting using a flint! What a brilliant day! 


Super Science

During our Science lessons, Class 3 have been looking at States of Matter. We have been exploring solids, liquids and gases, and their particles! Today, we looked at melting points and conducted an investigation to find out which temperature of water would melt the solid in the quickest time - of course we did this in the yummiest way possible...

 Today, we were learning all about the Water Cycle. We explored evaporation, condensation and learned a new special word - precipitation! Just as we finished discussing the different types of precipitation, it began to snow! We headed outside to see the Water Cycle in action!


 Terrific Topic 

 This half term, Class 3 are focussing on Ancient Egypt! Today, we looked at the process of mummification and we mummified our very own tomatoes! We used a knife to make a small incision into the side of the tomato and then spooned the tomato's 'organs' into a canopic jar! We then filled our tomatoes with Natron and wrapped them up in masking tape!

It's now a week after we mummified our tomatoes and we decided to open them this afternoon! We discovered that all of them had been perfectly preserved! 


Wonderful World Religions 

This half term in RE, Class 3 have been exploring places of worship and sacred places. We have learned about the similarities and differences between the major world religions and made some very insightful conjectures about religious artifacts. Today, we used clay to create some religious artifacts, based on our learning and they look absolutely fantastic!




Fish and Chip Friday

 On Friday 20th September, we made our way outside onto the playground for a very exciting lunchtime. We had our picnic blankets and drinks at the ready and we ate our lunches from real chip shop boxes! Some of Class 3 even managed to sunbathe for a few minutes before we headed back inside for the afternoon! A fantastic time had by all (and there were no seagulls around to pinch our chips!)




All About Us

 Mrs Sutton's group have been very busy working on some super self-portraits this week! The children used mirrors to identify the different colours they would need to use for their eyes and hair and were very excited to share their final pieces!

They will all take pride of place on Miss Mayo's reflection window - keep up the hard work!



The super work has continued in Mrs Sutton's group, with the children exploring the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children have created some amazing models of the houses in the story to investigate which would protect the pigs! The children have also had lots of fun making boats and exploring how to make them float, ahead of our new topic - The Vikings!