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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2



We are a mixed age class of year 1 and year 2 children. Mrs Middleton is the teacher and is assisted by Mrs Colley, Miss Smith and Mr Sutton.

The new year 1s have settled in very quickly and all the children are enjoying learning new things and playing together.

Just a few reminders:

PE is on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesdays, come in your kit (or bring your swimming kit if it is your turn for going to the pool). On Thursdays, please bring your PE kit with you to change into later in the day. Don't forget joggers and a jumper as the weather gets colder!

Please remember to bring a water bottle to school every day so that we can make sure we all have enough water.

It's really helpful if the children have their bookbags in school every day, as we have different groups for reading each day and we like to remind the children to change their own choice books.

Information about reading diaries, bookmark stickers and spellings is here.

Thank you



Beside the Seaside...



Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside!

Class 2 have really enjoyed out first topic for this term.   

We've read about  Mr. Grinling's adventures in the Lighthouse Keeper Series           and created beach and lighthouse pictures. 



 We've written instructions for making jam sandwiches and made and eaten them as part of our delicious picnic. They were nearly as good as Mrs Grinling made!

We've investigated old photographs and film clips to find out about Victorian seaside holidays and learnt some amazing facts. We've even eaten hokey-pokeys!

Here's the link to the sheet of extra ideas for home activities.


Last year's topics



Castles - our whole school Summer topic


We've really enjoyed finding out about Castles and Knights. We've read stories set in castles, discovered why they were built and about the lives of people who lived in them. We know how they defended themselves and how they had a good time celebrating. Have a look at some of the wonderful art work we've created too.

Castle designs using oil and watercolour



We liked the moving drawbridges                   Our shape castles looked amazing.   

on our stand up models.                                 We based them on Paul Klee's

                                                                    'Castle in the Sun'.


Make the knight move.


Our shield designs were very smart!





As part of our habitats topic, we had a morning finding out about worms and making lots of minibeast crafts. Have a look at some of the activities we enjoyed.


We made plasticene worms.    We collected worms              We made breadstick worms

                                            and made a wormery.           and ate them!


We decorated symmetrical       We made a spider in its web.   We made butterfly cakes

butterflies.                                                                           and ate them too!

What a fun day!

Summer Term 2021



Welcome back to the Summer Term! We hope you have had a good break over Easter and enjoyed the sunshine.

This term, alongside out Maths and English work, we will be starting a topic on Habitats. There will be lots to investigate about plants and animals around school and in different environments.

The link for extra home learning ideas on the topic is here.

Later in the term we'll be discovering all about Castles in our whole school summer topic.

In RE this half term, we'll be finding out why Christians believe Jesus brings good news.

In music, we will be exploring using a range of percussion instruments to create our own compositions! 

Lots to do - and it's great to have everyone here in class to learn together!


Spring Term 2021

During lockdown, I will be uploading a variety of activities for the children to work on at home. There will be daily maths and English sessions and a web of topic based activities for you to enjoy together. 'Mrs Middleton's morning message' will make a reappearance! And to finish the day we can gather together for the class zoom meeting.

Mrs Middleton's Final Morning Message: Friday 5th March

Week beginning 1.3.21

As we prepare for the school return next week, do try some of the activities sent out from school to help your child prepare for being back in the classroom with their friends. We are so looking forward to having our classes back and seeing the children's smiley faces.

Meanwhile it is World Book Day on Thursday 4th March, so you might like to spend some time enjoying books and stories at home. Dressing up is always an option! Here are some other ideas that might be useful.                                         


Send in a picture of you reading your favourite book.

Make a book and write a story.

Make a reading crown.

Try the Book Day Quiz.

Do the Book Day scavenger hunt.

Make you favourite character from things around the house.


Listen to one of the teachers reading a story (links further down the page).

Here are the links to this week's online work.

English Y1 overview

resources: Mon  Tues  Wed Thurs  Fri

The mouse, the frog and the little red hen

English Y2 overview

resources: Mon  Tues Wed Thurs  Fri

Maths Y1 overview

worksheets: Mon  Tues Wed  Thurs Fri

Maths Y2 overview

worksheets: Mon Tues  Wed  Thurs  Fri

We continue with our Materials topic, looking particularly at the properties of materials. Again there are some experiments to try and some linked art work.

Materials sessions 3 and 4

Materials resources sessions 3 and 4

materials mat

materials quiz

Andy Goldsworthy ppt


In RE, we find out about Zacchaeus and how he said sorry and changed his behaviour after he met Jesus.

RE session 2 Saying sorry and forgiving

Have a good week!

See you in my zoom room.


Week beginning 22.2.21

Welcome back to the new half term. Hopefully you managed a bit of a rest and a chance to relax during the break. 

Children, did you see lots of signs of Spring around?

This week, in our online work, Y2s, you are practising your grammar skills using The Paper Bag Princess story. You're checking your shapes knowledge too.

Y1s have a zoo story to read and you are learning to count in different patterns.

English Y1 overview

resources:  Mon  Tues  Wed  Thurs   Fri

text:   No,  thank you

English Y2 overview

resources:  Mon Tues  Wed   Thurs Fri

Maths Y1 overview

worksheet:  Mon Tues  Wed  Thurs Fri

Maths Y2 overview

worksheet:  Mon Tues  Wed  Thurs Fri


This week we begin our new science topic on 'Materials'. We will be identifying materials and finding out where they came from. There is an investigation and some art work to do too.

Materials: sessions 1 and 2 

ppt for session 2: Where do materials come from?

resources: sessions 1 and 2

In RE, we are thinking about what happened as Jesus travelled towards Jerusalem for the Passover Festival. The first story is about someone who remembered to say 'Thank you'.

RE session 1   saying Thank you

 Have you listened to any of the stories in Storytime below?

Have a good week. I'll see you in my zoom room.


Here are some pictures from our Chinese work.

Is that a boy from China?                a beautiful fan               a dragon and a drum     


The Willow Pattern Story


What would you do with a magic paintbrush?




Week beginning 8.2.21

In our online learning this week, we have another Chinese based story to read together. It's the story of the Willow Pattern plate.

In Maths, the year 1s are continuing to work on place value and the y2s are finding out how to record data.

English overview

resources: Mon  Tues Wed  Thurs

Maths Y1 overview

worksheets:  Mon Tues  Wed Thurs

Maths Y2 overview

worksheet:  Mon Tues  Wed Thurs


Tuesday is Safer Internet day. You might like to use the opportunity to discuss this important theme with your child. There are resources available on and a story to share with your child about Smartie the penguin!



Out topic this week focuses on the Chinese New Year. There is planning for two sessions available, with worksheets, and a pack of craft resources for you to collect from the school cottage. Then you will be able to make:

a dragon puppet,

a lucky red envelope,

an ox model,

a Chinese drum,

and a dragon chatterbox.

Have fun!

overview sessions 5 and 6

resource sheets sessions 5 and 6

ppt The Chinese New Year Story

ppt How do they celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year crafts  Most of this is printed off ready in your packs at school

In our zoom meeting on Thursday, we will be having a Chinese tea party, so you could bring along anything you've made, or wear something red, or bring a drink and a biscuit, and we'll have tea together.  See you there!



Week beginning 1.2.21

Hope you had fun in the snow this week! I saw lots of super snowmen that had been built - including a covid-safe snowman!

This week is a little different from the other weeks this half term.

Firstly, if you are using the online resources, we will be working together in as a class to read a Chinese story called The Magic Paintbrush.

In Maths, the y1s will be starting some work on place value, and the y2s are finishing their division work. I've also attached some number facts sheets for the children to practise.

English overview

resources:  Mon  Tues  Wed Thurs  Fri

Maths Y1 overview

resources:  Mon  Tues Wed  Thurs Fri

Y1 number facts sheet

Maths Y2 overview

resources:  Mon Tues  Wed Thurs  Fri

Y2 numberfacts sheet



There are also some resources to continue with the China topic. There are two sessions on school and home life, and a chance to find out about pandas. I've also attached a sheet of art and craft activities to support our learning about China.

overview sessions 3 and 4

ppt session 3

resources for sessions 3 and 4

art and craft activities (1) for China


Secondly, it is Children's Mental Health week, so there are lots of ways you could take part.

You could:

- join in the activities on the class zoom sessions

- let your child dress up on Friday and send a photo to school showing how they  express their individuality in their clothes or hairstyle

- follow the links below to try some art or exercise

- watch Mr Downes' assembly in 'Mr Downes' office' page on the website.


Look here for some ideas of how to express yourself with art or take part in some gardening or exercise.


     Find some colouring sheets here.


Just a reminder that there are links to stories read by the St John's teaching staff further down the page. 

Have a good week!


It was cold outside!                                  Discovering China

                                                               Printing and writing                                                                                        The Great Wall is very long!



Week beginning 25.1.21

I'm really enjoying looking at all the work you have been sending on the homework email and in the dropbox at school. Well done, everyone!

This week online, alongside all our English and Maths work, we will be starting a topic on China. We'll be finding out where it is on maps, and discovering what the landscape looks like in different areas. Have a go at building the Great Wall of China - well, perhaps a small model of a little bit of it!

I've also included a sheet of ideas for Winter activities, inside and out. Try some of those too.

In RE, we are finding out about the Torah. On Tuesday I'll show you how to make a model during my morning message.

Work hard - and I'll see you in my zoom room.

English Y1 overview

resources: Mon  Tues Wed  Thurs Fri

Maths Y1 overview

resources: Mon Tues  Wed Thurs  Fri

English Y2 overview

resources: Mon Tues  Wed  Thurs Fri

Whale words story

Maths Y2 overview

resources: Mon  Tues Wed  Thurs Fri


sessions 1 and 2 China 

China ppt session 1

China ppt session 2

resources for China sessions 1 and 2



session 3 The Torah


Winter activities idea sheet



Week beginning 18.1.21

Thank you parents and children for sharing all the work you are doing at home, either using the online teaching or the printed packs. I've uploaded some of the snow pictures and poems that you did last week. There's not really been enough snow to build a proper snowman - but there's still time!

This week alongside the English and Maths, we continue with our weather topic, looking at seasons and changes in trees. There are some interesting video clips to watch and some practical activities too. You may also have some weather crafts still to do from the suggestion sheet. In RE we are looking at the story of Jonah. Follow the links below for the lesson plans and activities to try.

See you in my zoom room!

English Y1 overview

resources:  Mon Tues  Wed Thurs  Fri

Maths Y1 overview

resources:  Mon Tues  Tuesday easier  Wed  Thurs Fri

English Y2 overview

resources:  Mon Tues  Wed Thurs  Fri

Maths Y2 overview

resources:  Mon Tues  Wed Thurs  Fri

Doubling space race

Weather resources

Weather lessons 3 and 4 plan

seasons matching ppt

What season am I ppt

weather resources lessons 3 and 4


Jonah lesson and resources

Snowflake poems and pictures

         by Myles


 by Lola                                                                 by Sam



 by  William                                          by Joshua



Week beginning 11.1.21

Thank you to all those who have engaged with online learning or using the paper packs.

It is really encouraging to look at the work sent to the homework email and to see the children being so proud of their work in the zoom meetings.

This week there are separate lessons for Y1 and Y2 in English and Maths. Please follow the links below. Also attached is a spelling sheet with the words that we would have been working on in class. Please assess which group of spellings is appropriate for your child. Three or four a week will mean they know them all before half term!

English Y1 overview

resources:  Mon    Tues Wed  Thurs Fri

Maths Y1 overview

worksheets:  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri

English Y2 overview

resources: Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri

Y2 George and the Dragon

Y2 The Cat's Journey

Maths Y2 overview

worksheets: Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri

spelling steps

This week we will be working on our weather topic, covering geography, art and craft activities. There are two lesson plans for geography, with resources to help, and a web of art and craft activities. Choose a couple of these to do this week and then use others next week.

Weather lessons 1 and 2

weather ppt      

Weather resources lesson 1

clothes ppt

Weather resources lesson 2

For RE we are looking at stories from the Jewish and Christian writings. This week we look at the story of Noah.

Noah lesson and activities

Several parents have asked me for links to more reading books. The best site I know is

oxford owl ebooks            Log in as students with

stjohns2          password: green

There are books and activities for every level. Read write Inc has phonics based books.

To practise phonics, you could try the free games on

Keeping active

While we are mostly staying inside, it's a good idea to do some physical exercise every day. Have you tried Andy's Wild workouts on bbc teach? 

And Joe Wicks is back on youtube for 3 times a week sessions starting on Monday.

Have a good week,

Mrs Middleton



Week beginning 4.1.21                                                           

English Y1 and Y2 timetable of snow based poems and stories                             

Maths Y1 timetable

Worksheets :  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday

Maths Y2 timetable

Worksheets:  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday

Snow! Snow! Snow!  Follow this link to find some art, craft and technology activities as part of our snow theme. The cakes and biscuits look really good!    




 Shh...It's storytime



Mrs Middleton reads Mr Muddle

Mrs Ward reads Paddington

Mr Sutton reads A very noisy night

Mrs Sutton reads Bumpus, jumpus, dinosaurumpus!

Mrs Scott reads The Pet Shop

Miss Smith reads Lost and Found

Mrs Colley reads Little Miss Shy and the lion

Mr Downes reads The tale of the naughty, little rabbit

Mrs Ward reads The Gruffalo's child

Mrs Middleton reads Little Teddy left behind

Mrs Sutton reads We're going on a bear hunt

Mrs Colley reads On the way home

Mr Sutton reads Owl babies

Mrs Scott reads The Black Cat

Mrs Colley reads Hungry Harry

Mr Sutton reads Hairy MaClary from Donaldson's Dairy

Mrs Middleton reads Who are you, stripy horse?

Mrs Ward reads Mog the forgetful cat



Home working (From last term)


On this page I will be uploading and linking activities for Maths, English and topics to cover our time in self-isolation. Please go to the appropriate pages to find the links to videos and resources. The English link is for both year groups and maths is separate. Do adapt and make the learning enjoyable for your child's interests and needs.

Each morning there will be a video from me to start the day, and I will be in my zoom room at 2.30 to share news and a story with the children.

A new week - and below are the links for your work on Monday and Tuesday.

Looking forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday, when we can continue with our work on The Great Fire of London.

English week beginning 30.11.20

Dick Whittington ppt story

Y1 Maths 30.11.20

Y1 Maths worksheets

Monday   Tuesday

Y2 Maths 30.11.20

Y1 Maths worksheets

Monday   (Harder)    Monday  (Easier)      Tuesday

More fun activities for self isolation!



English week beginning 23.11.20

Y1 Maths 23.11.20

Y1 Maths worksheets

Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday  Friday

Y2 Maths 23.11.20

Y2 Maths worksheets  (2 for Monday)

Monday  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday  Friday

Ideas for other activities

Famous Events

Our second topic is all about famous events from the past. We enjoyed finding out about the Gunpowder plot and made super paintings and prints of fireworks.

On Remembrance Day our classroom turned into a poppy factory as we made poppies for ourselves and for a beautiful wreath which we used for the special school assembly at 11 o'clock on the 11th of November. 

We are now beginning to find out about the Great Fire of London. To find some home follow- up work click here.




Animals and me

We are already busy on our first topic. Take a look at these amazing portraits of Ruben!


Here is a link to the suggestions for extra home activities for our topic. Do have a look!

A couple of reminders:

Every child needs a reading bag in school so that we can send home books to share.

PE is Tuesday and Thursday. Come in your kit!

Don't forget to bring a water bottle every day.

Start of term

This year is a little different in class and you will have your own special table to work at, with your own set of equipment to help you. We will all be making sure that we  look after each other and keep ourselves healthy. We'll be washing our hands regularly and keeping a safe distance from each other.

We'll also be eating our lunches and school dinners in the classroom. They will arrive on a trolley - just like being on a plane!

In lessons, we'll be learning lots of interesting things,  starting with a topic about different types of animals - so come ready with your questions and information to share! 

In Class 2 we love to read, and if we read at home as well as at school, we can soon read really well! When you read at home, ask your parents to sign in your school diary - then on Fridays you will receive a sticker on your special bookmark. When you get 30 stickers, you will have a special reward.

At school, we are really excited about having everyone in class after such a long time. We are looking forward to hearing your news and learning together again.

See you soon,

Mrs Middleton



Click here to view learning from last year