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  • Welcome back everybody! 


Class 1

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Mrs. Ward is our class teacher whilst Mrs Scott-Thacker is on maternity leave.

Mrs. Sutton and Miss Smith are our fabulous teaching assistants.

Mrs Colley leads our PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


Ahoy there me hearties! 

Class 1 have had great fun learning all about pirates this half term! We've all dressed up and sailed away in our pirate ship to find some treasure. We've counted the treasure carefully and sorted it into different types. We've explored some messy pirates, some sandy pirates and some wet pirates. We had to use all of our problem solving skills to help some pirates escape from the ice! We've made some boats and then tested them to make sure they floated, we've made treasure maps, binoculars and parrots, we've made edible golden nuggets to go in our treasure chest and we've panned for gold. We've turned ourselves into paper plate pirates and used split pins to make our own dangly pirates! We've done some super pirate singing and dancing, and read some great pirate stories. We've had lots of fun taking it in turns with our friends to play pirate snap, walk the plank and pop up pirate. We finished off by having a pirate party where we all dressed up and even had to walk the plank! 

Well shiver me timbers, no wonder we're all ready for half term!


Class 1 at the park! 

As a treat for settling in so well to 'big' school, Class 1 had a trip down the road today to the park. We all had a lovely time trying out all of the playground equipment; we have some super swingers and climbers in the class! We had our morning snack there whilst listening to a story and collected lots of autumnal objects from the park to take back to school with us. What a lovely, sunny Friday it has been!


It's been lovely to meet you all, at last!

 Mrs Sutton and I have really enjoyed getting to know the children these past two days. All of the children seemed to have really enjoyed themselves and we are looking forward to getting to them know them better over these next few weeks. Please use your home school diary to relay any messages for me or I am usually free to chat to after school. 





Help At Home

The best way to help your child succeed at school is to enjoy sharing a book with them. This can be a favourite bedtime story, a magazine from the shop or a non-fiction book based on their interests- any type of reading is great!

 Jolly Phonics

You might have noticed your child singing songs or doing some funny actions when telling you all about their reading and writing! That's because we follow Jolly Phonics, a fun way of learning letters.

Here are a few links to help you understand what it's all about.

All About Jolly Phonics

Help With Letter Sounds and Actions

Jolly Phonics songs

Tricky Word Song

 Fun Games

We have been enjoying lots of clever Maths games. 

Some of these can be played on a tablet. Some need a laptop or PC.

Maths Train (we have been trying the additions up to 10 and 20)
Chinese Dragon (lots of fun sorting and ordering numbers)
Shape Patterns (having a go at continuing the patterns)
Underwater Counting (working on our careful counting)

Songs We Like!

We are a very musical class and love learning new songs.
Counting By 2s (we learnt a clever way to count large amounts!)
Counting by 10s (and even larger ones!)
3D Shapes (That I Know) (such a catchy song to help us learn some 3D shapes)

Baby Shark (for when we want a bit of silly fun!)
You Are The Best (because St John's is the BEST! I wonder if Mums, Dads, Grandparents and other family members can learn the dance?)


Please remember to always supervise children when they are using the Internet. Although we have checked these links when adding them to our Class 1 page, things can change quickly. Please let Class 1 staff know if you spot anything inappropriate whilst playing these games. 

The NSPCC has some useful advice about online safety here


Useful Dates

(All dates subject to change. Check with Mrs Ward or with the office if unsure. For the most up to date information, please look out for letters in your child's bookbag. Also ensure that the school office has your correct mobile phone number as you will receive reminder text messages for important dates.)


Monday 19th October            Half term

Monday 2nd November         First day back at school

Friday 13th November           Children in Need day

Monday 14th December         Christmas jumper day - NSPCC

Wednesday 16th December     Christmas dinner

Thursday 17th December        Class Christmas parties

Friday 18th December            Last day of term

Monday 4th January              INSET day

Tuesday 5th January             Start of new term