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Class 1

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 Mrs. Scott-Thacker and Mrs Ireland are our class teachers.

Mrs. Scott-Thacker works on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (AM).

Mrs. Ireland works on Wednesday (PM), Thursday and Friday.

Mrs. Sutton and Miss Smith are our fabulous teaching assistants.



Useful Dates


25th March- Mother's Day Service 3pm- school hall

28th and 29th March- Parents Evenings (face to face)- C1 classroom

1st April- Easter Service 2pm- St Helen's Church 



We're Back!

Mrs Scott and Mrs Ireland have finally managed to successfully log on and update Class 1's page!

We hope to post lots of lovely photos of Class 1's work for you all to see. 

We Have Lots of Fun!


Mr. Bosworth discovered some baby birds in one of our nest boxes! We spotted the Mummy and Daddy birds flying in and out with lots of caterpillars to feed the hungry chicks.

We made tasty minibeast cupcakes!

We had fun making colourful butterflies.

We weaved a spider's web.


We explored symmetry with butterflies.

We made a caterpillar cafe.

We wrote menus for our cafes.

 Help at Home

The best way to help your child succeed at school is to enjoy sharing a book with them. This can be a favourite bedtime story, a magazine from the shop or a non-fiction book based on their interests- any type of reading is great!


You might have noticed your child singing songs or doing some funny actions when telling you all about their reading and writing! That's because we use some Jolly Phonics songs, a fun way of learning letters.

Here are a few links to help you understand what it's all about.

All About Jolly Phonics

Help With Letter Sounds and Actions

Jolly Phonics songs

Tricky Word Song


Teach Your Monster to Read 

Dinosaurs Eggs choose a sound to practice and have a go at finding the right egg

Oxford Owl 

Phonics play comics has some decodable comics to read for something a bit different. Look at phase 2 or 3


Fun Maths Games

We have been enjoying lots of clever Maths games. 

Some of these can be played on a tablet. Some need a laptop or PC.

Maths Train (we have been trying the additions up to 10 and 20)
Chinese Dragon (lots of fun sorting and ordering numbers)
Shape Patterns (having a go at continuing the patterns)
Underwater Counting (working on our careful counting)

Other Fun Websites

Orchard Toys has lots of free and fun colouring to print and lots of exciting things to do including games, recipes, craft ideas and activity sheets. 

Songs We Like!

We are a very musical class and love learning new songs.
Counting By 2s (we learnt a clever way to count large amounts!)
Counting by 10s (and even larger ones!)
3D Shapes (that I know) (such a catchy song to help us learn some 3D shapes)

Baby Shark (for when we want a bit of silly fun!)
You Are The Best (because St John's is the BEST! I wonder if Mums, Dads, Grandparents and other family members can learn the dance?)


PE/Getting Active

Joe Wicks The Body Coach, does an 8-minute workout aimed at children – it might burn some energy off!

Cosmic Kids Lots of different stretching, yoga and mindfulness adventures here. 


Please remember to always supervise children when they are using the Internet. Although we have checked these links when adding them to our Class 1 page, things can change quickly. Please let Class 1 staff know if you spot anything inappropriate whilst playing these games. 

The NSPCC has some useful advice about online safety here