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Health and Well-being


Well-being is about feeling good and functioning well. 

Looking after our mental health and well-being is very important, especially in this current situation we find ourselves in. 



Below are some resources and links to useful websites to look after your child's/children's and your own mental health and well-being alongside some useful resources that may support any children who are feeling a little anxious about Coronavirus or lockdown and the return to school. 

Useful resources to help your child with the return to school 

School will be re-opening on Monday 8th March 2021 to all pupils following the recent lockdown. To help your child/children and yourselves prepare and manage the return to school there are a range of resources below. The first two resources have been especially designed to support the transition back to school on Monday 8th March. 

Click here for a 'Return to School Countdown' put together by the Mental Health Support Team. This resource offers ideas of activities to complete together as well as advice for you as parents/carers. 

Click here for a calendar of activities to complete with your child from 25th February - 8th March (one for each day)

In school we will be using the term 'bubble' to explain groups/classes of children. Click here to read a social story "What is a bubble?" to help children understand the term and how it is going to keep us safer in school 

Click here for a social story about returning to school that might help children understand some of the changes that will be in place. 

Click here for a link which takes you to Parachute Books - a website of a collection of picture books to help children with worries, health issues or new experiences 

Click here for wordless stories about returning to school 

Click here for a guide about separation anxiety: tips for parents

Click here for a guide on supporting children with anxiety: tools for parents

Click here for a list of additional resources that might help you prepare your child for the return to school - some are activities you can do together 

Click here for an activity booklet about identifying and talking about worries and how to cope or manage them. 

Click here for the Salvesen Mindroom Centre Back to School Parents' toolkit page

Click here for the Salvesen Mindroom Centre back to school workbook

Nottinghamshire County Council educational psychologists have written a story called 'The Little Elf and the Flowers of Hope and Bravery' which may help some children with their return to school. There are also some follow up activities that might help explore the story further. 

Click here to read the story 'The Little Elf and the Flowers of Hope and Bravery'

Click here to have the story read to you and your child

Click here for the follow up activities after reading the story

Mental Health and Well-being Resources and links 

 Anna Freud Centre activities for helping children's mental health and self-care

Anna Freud Centre #SelfcareSummer activity pack for primary aged children

Place2Be: Improving Children's Mental Health  

Partnership for Children: Resources to boost your child's well-being during the Coronavirus pandemic 

Prince's Trust: Mental Health 

NSPCC Children's Mental Health 

    Activities provided by Calm 

 You can also download the Calm app onto phones and tablets for more activities. 

"Calming Down" activities for children 

Click here for a guide about talking to your child about mental health

Click here for the Salvesen Mindroom Centre well-being wheel



Talking to Your Child about Coronavirus  

Perhaps your child is still feeling anxious about Coronavirus and the 'new normal' way of living or maybe they have questions you find it difficult to answer? If so, there may be something of use here in these stories and resources. 

The Little Elf Story 

Coronasaurus Rex 

Dave the Dog 

Staying Home 

Good days in unusual times  

Children's Commissioner's Guide to Coronavirus 

Playmobil video about The Coronavirus 

  Video about Coronavirus for children 

Picture books and illustrated stories explaining Coronavirus (testing and vacinations) for children with specific SEN or additional needs  

 Click here for the British Psychological Society guide to talking to your child about Coronavirus

Click here for a story about a tortoise and a hedgehog on how they can still be friends without hugging each other 

Click here for a non-verbal story explaining Coronavirus and how it is spread

Click here for a video which uses images and Makaton symbols to explain Coronavirus  


  Mental Health and Well-being Resources Specific to Coronavirus and Lockdown   

A guide to looking after children's (and your own!) well-being during the lockdown 

 Anna Freud Centre guidance on children's mental health during the lockdown 

'Every Mind Matters' advice on mental health 

Advice on children's reactions, behaviours and anxiety as a result of Coronavirus

BBC Bitesize Parents' Toolkit on well-being 

 Mindfulness activities provided by Head Space

Guide by Salvesen Mindroom Centre on how children with specific SEN or additional needs may respond to the Coronavirus pandemic  

NSPCC guidance on children's mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic 

 Mind: Coronavirus and Your Mental Health 



 Resources for Loss, Bereavement and Change 

Winston's Wish 

Help 2 Make Sense 

 Cruse Bereavement Care 

Child Bereavement Network 

Child Bereavement UK