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Class 4


Welcome to Class 4. We are a mixed class of Year 5 and 6 children and our teacher is Miss Morrell. Other adults who work in the class are Mrs Truby and Mrs Groves.  

I hope you will enjoy reading this page to find out information about life in Class 4 and what we have been learning.   


Important messages


On Tuesday morning your child will need to wear school uniform and bring their swimming kit in a bag with a towel. If your child requires an inhaler please make sure it is with them and clearly labelled with their name.  


Key information for parents

Weekly timetable 

Click here to see a weekly timetable in Class 4 - this might help you know when to bring your PE kit and swimming kit. 

Termly Overview

To find out what Class 4 will be learning during the Autumn Term click here

Spellings and Grammar 

It is expected that by the end of Year 6 children should know all of the spellings from Years 5 and 6 but also those from Years 3 and 4. This includes reading them accurately, spelling them correctly and using them within their written work. Children will revise these spellings and spelling rules throughout English lessons and through their weekly spelling tests. Click on the links below to practise the words with your child. 

Years 3 and 4 spelling mat

Years 5 and 6 spelling mat

Children receive weekly spelling lists on Friday mornings which are stapled into their planners. They then have a week to learn them as they are tested the following Friday at the beginning of the English lesson. It is an expectation they score above 7 out of 10. 

We learn a lot of grammatical terms as part of English lessons during the year. Click here for a glossary of the different terms which may support you with your child's homework and learning. 


Children continue to read books which are book banded in Class 4. It is an expectation that they read their books at least three times before changing them. Please record in their planners when they read and sign it so points can be given for their reading on the reward chart found at the back of their planners. Children can read both their school book and their own books at home although I do expect to see both recorded in their planners. 


Children receive homework on a Friday which should be returned the following Wednesday. 


Useful links

BBC Bitesize has useful games and activities to read and play to help with some key areas of learning. Click here to load the page. 

Class 4 find remembering their timetables challenging. There are some useful games on which may prove helpful to some children. 

Topmarks is also a useful website to help you practise some key maths skills. 



What are Class 4 currently learning?            


In Science this term we are looking at the Earth and Space. We've learned how the Earth orbits the sun and how the moon orbits us. We've also started found out about the planets in our Solar System. Why not watch the video again of the man building the planets in the desert? 

Class 4 enjoyed finding out about the different facts and writing their own mnemonic to remember the order of the planets. If you would like to find out more about the planets why not click on the links below: 

Planets for kids 

Space kids

Here are some examples of the children's mnemonics. 


The children also researched about the different planets to create fact files about them. Below are a couple of examples of the fact sheet and then some facts about two of the planets.  




We have also been learning about how we get day and night as well as the phases of the moon. Below are a couple of examples of the work the children did to explain how we get day and night on Earth. 



As well as learning about the planets the children have also been discovering about the millions of stars in our solar system. The children have learned about the life cycle of a star and different constellations in the sky. They have discovered that there are different names for stars including: Red Dwarf, Red Giant, White Dwarf, Black Dwarf and they have found out all about a Supernova. Below are a couple of examples of the children's work on star types. 

If you want to find out more about stars then watch these three videos: 

What is a star? 

What is are stars made of? 


We've also created our own pieces of space art based on work by Peter Thorpe. Here are some photographs of the amazing work on display in our classroom. 


We also made some moon rock. 



Space Homework 

Class 4 were set a space themed homework task which involved them choosing some activities - click here to see the activities. The homework received has been superb. Below are some pictures of the many pieces of homework the children have completed. Well done Class 4 I'm very proud of you! 

We've had a lovely time eating all these space inspired cakes, biscuits and treats! 






 We've also enjoyed designing and making our own aliens as well as rockets and even a light up moon too! 






We've also enjoyed writing for homework too. Here are some examples of the instructions, facts and reports children have written as part of their tasks. 




What a superb start to this academic year with great learning in and out of school - it has made a lovely display in the classroom! 



During the first part of the autumn term we learned about the mountains and coasts of the UK. 

As part of this topic we went on a whole class trip to Scarborough, here are some pictures of the children enjoying themselves but also learning about the coast from first hand experience. 

First we had a ride in the funicular which we found out was built in 1881 during the Victorian period of history. We learned that it was built so people could get down from high on the cliffs to the actual beach. The ride took us from the town down to the South Bay of Scarborough. 



Despite our sheets getting wet in the rain we made notes about the physical and human features we could see in Scarborough, made comparisons between Stapleford, Nottingham and Scarborough and we even drew what we could see around us. 


We had great fun building caves, arches, stacks and stumps in the sand and seeing erosion occur right in front of our eyes when the waves came and crashed into our sand sculptures! 




  We also had time to have some fun on the beach too, including paddling in the cold water! 




After a quick ice cream and stop in a souvenir shop we caught the open top bus to the North Bay. 



At the North Bay we discussed how the sea walls protect the cliffs and hotels from erosion, strong waves and wind. We also walked to the Freddie Gilroy giant sculpture before eating some tea and heading home. 

After our trip we wrote some diary entries about our day. Click on the link to read some of the children's reflections of our day. 

Reflections on our trip to Scarborough 

Back in school we've learned about how coasts form particularly focusing on the effects of erosion. We found out that in 1993 a 4 star hotel in Scarborough fell into to the sea due to erosion and weak cliffs. Click on the links to see some examples of the children's work - you might need to rotate them to view though! 

The Holbeck Hall 

Newspaper report example

Newspaper report example 

We also used computers to create leaflets to persuade people to go and visit Scarborough. Computing can prove tricky for remembering key punctuation marks and checking spelling but we will keep practicing our typing skills for the next time we use computers. 

Here are some examples - A, B, C and D