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Class 3



Hello and Welcome to the Class 3 Webpage!

We are a fantastic, fun and friendly bunch of Year 3 and Year 4 children, who love learning and work extremely hard to be the very best that we can be! Our class teacher is Miss Meakin and the two teaching assistants who work with us are Mrs Groves and Mrs Truby.

On this webpage, you will be able to find out about all of the exciting things that we have been getting up to as well as being able to access useful information and our weekly spelling lists.


A Terrific Trip to London!

On Thursday 13th June 2019, we left school at 7.30am to travel to our capital city, London! We were very excited when we arrived and started our day by exploring several remarkably royal places, including Green Park, St James' Park, and of course, Buckingham Palace! After lunch, we were captivated as we watched the disciplined and important guards march up and down at Horse Guards' Parade. Then, we made our way to Westminster Pier, where we boarded a cruise ship that took us down the River Thames. We saw lots of famous landmarks during our journey, including the Gherkin, the Shard and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre! We disembarked at Tower Bridge, and after walking across it, we were lucky enough to see it open up! We watched, in awe, as a huge ship passed underneath! After sketching our favourite sights from the day, we made our way back home - making sure that we stopped off to enjoy a delicious meal at McDonald's at Northampton Services before we got back to school! What a great day! The photos below show what a fantastic time we had!












Summer Term 2: We Love London!

I am delighted to announce that our final topic of this academic year is 'We Love London!' We have lots of excited things to learn about our magnificent capital city and I know that we are all looking forward to seeing some of London's most famous landmarks on Thursday 13th June 2019! The curriculum letter and a general timetable for Summer Term 2 can be found by following the links below. Here's to a fantastic end to the year!

Summer Term 2 Curriculum Letter

Summer Term 2 General Timetable





Caribbean Celebration Day! 

On Thursday 23rd May 2019, we had a special Caribbean Celebration Day to celebrate the end of our topic learning all about the Caribbean! In the morning, we had a Caribbean drumming workshop with Andy from 'Skins and Feet'. Andy taught us how to play lots of different drums! We also learnt the Jamaican heartbeat rhythm and a number of Caribbean songs, including 'Old Master Charlie', 'Salt and Pepper', 'Put a little oil in my light', 'If I had the wings of a dove' and Bob Marley's classic, 'Three Little Birds'. We also had great fun playing 'Pass the beat'! During the afternoon, we learnt about Caribbean carnivals and created our own colourful masks using sequins, feathers and felt tip pens! After we had made them, we had a mini Caribbean carnival in the classroom and danced along to 'Follow the Leader'! What a fun day!










Summer Term 1: A Caribbean Cruise!

Grab your sun hats, pop on those shades and find your favourite beach towel because this half term, we are going to be going on a cruise around the Caribbean! The Curriculum Letter and Summer Term 1 General Timetable can be found by clicking on the relevant links below. Here's to another busy but very exciting half term!

Summer Term 1 Curriculum Letter

Summer Term 1 General Timetable




  Summer Term Spellings

May 2019

Year 3 Summer Set 3 

Year 4 Summer Set 3 

Year 3 Summer Set 4

Year 4 Summer Set 4

Year 3 Summer Set 5 (to be tested on 22.05.19)

Year 4 Summer Set 5 (to be tested on 22.05.19)

Year 3 Summer Set 6 (to be tested on 06.06.19)

Year 4 Summer Set 6 (to be tested on 06.06.19)

June 2019

 Year 3 Summer Set 7 (to be tested on 20.06.19)

 Year 4 Summer Set 7 (to be tested on 20.06.19)

Year 3 Summer Set 8 (to be tested on 27.06.19)

Year 4 Summer Set 8 (to be tested on 27.06.19)

Year 3 Summer Set 9 (to be tested on 04.07.19)

Year 4 Summer Set 9 (to be tested on 04.07.19)

July 2019

Year 3 Summer Set 10 (to be tested on 11.07.19)

Year 4 Summer Set 10 (to be tested on 11.07.19)

Year 3 Summer Set 11 (to be tested on 18.07.19)

Year 4 Summer Set 11 (to be tested on 18.07.19)





 Poetry Superstars!

On Friday 29th March 2019, we entered a performance poetry competition at the Mansfield Music and Drama Festival. Competing against other schools in Nottinghamshire, we performed 'The Band Passes' by P. King and 'Please Mrs Butler' by Alan Ahlberg. We stood on the stage with smiles on our faces and tried our very best! Then, the adjudicator stepped forwards to announce the results... and we won! What a fantastic achievement! We were awarded with a special certificate and a star trophy, which we will keep in school to remind us of our success! 





Spring Term 2 :The Smashing Saxons!

This half term, we are going to be taking a trip back in time to discover what life was like during the Anglo-Saxon times! How exciting! A general weekly timetable for this half term can found by clicking on the 'Spring Term 2 General Timetable' link below. A copy of the Curriculum Letter for this half term can be accessed if you click on the 'Spring Term 2 Curriculum Letter' link below. Keep an eye on this webpage as we have lots of exciting events coming up!

Spring Term 2 General Timetable

Spring Term 2 Curriculum Letter



An Amazing Anglo-Saxon Visitor!

On Thursday 21st March 2019, we had a fantastic day with Leila, an amazing Anglo-Saxon! Leila started the day by talking to us about Anglo-Saxon clothes and some of us had the opportunity to try on linen dresses, helmets and very heavy pieces of chain mail! After this, Leila showed us some Anglo-Saxon weapons: a shield, a slingshot, an axe, a sword and an incredibly long spear! A group of us even recreated the famous Boar's Snout Formation, which the Anglo-Saxons used as a defensive strategy during fights. 

After break, Leila encouraged us to participate in an imaginary Folk Moot, where we decided whether certain individuals should be declared innocent or guilty for committing various crimes. We proved ourselves to be very wise judges! She also taught us an Anglo-Saxon dance routine; we thoroughly enjoyed learning and performing this.

During the afternoon, we had the opportunity to write messages using Anglo-Saxon letters (runes) and quill pens. The quills were tricky to use, which made us realise just how skilled Anglo-Saxon monks were! Following this, we played Nine Men's Morris, Knucklebones and The Dice Game, before unwinding at the end of the day, by listening to Leila, as she told us a magical and meaningful story. 

What a great day! Check out our photographs below! 











 World Book Day!



'You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax. All you need is a book!'

On Thursday 7th March 2019, we celebrated World Book Day! Lots of us brought our favourite books into school and shared them with our friends. We also designed our own magical libraries, created new book covers for our favourite books and made our favourite book characters using felt tips, foam and glitter! Check out our photographs below!






Our Remarkable Romans' Day!

To celebrate the end of our 'Rampaging Romans' topic, on Friday 15th February 2019, we had a special Romans' Day! We came to school dressed as Roman gladiators, goddesses, soldiers, slaves and emperors! We all looked fantastic! 

Our day began with us creating our own Roman identities. We enjoyed making up Roman names, ages and jobs for ourselves. Some of us even decided that our favourite Roman food would be fish guts! How gruesome! During this time, a group of us, who are very talented chefs, went to make some yummy shield biscuits with Mrs Truby!

After this, we took part in a series of challenges to see if we had the skills to join the Roman army. We demonstrated our abilities to use a catapult, we showed off our sword skills, we took part in a marching challenge, we did as many press-ups as we could in thirty seconds and we even proved that we could look after military horses well!

In the afternoon, we worked in teams to create replicas of Hadrian's Wall and we loved making miniature soldiers to protect us from those pesky Picts! 

To end our day, we had a look at our creative homework projects! We had done lots of outstanding work at home. Some of us had made Roman helmets, some of us had made models of Hadrian's Wall, some of us had created mosaic pictures, some of us had conducted thorough research about the Romans in Britain and some of us had written wonderful stories and poems about the Romans! Miss Meakin was very proud of all of us! 

What a great day! Check out our photographs below!




















Fantastic Fundraising for The Leprosy Mission!

As part of our Religious Education lessons this half term, we have looked at the story of 'Jesus and the Leper', in which Jesus cures an isolated victim of this horrendous disease. We have learnt that leprosy still exists in impoverished parts of the world today and we also found out about a charity called 'The Leprosy Mission', which provides medicines and therapy to people who have been affected by leprosy. We were inspired by their work, and after we discovered that leprosy can affect sufferers' feet in a horrible way, we decided to raise money for the charity by wearing funky socks to school for the day!







Romans' Day at Mansfield Museum

On Monday 21st January 2019, Class 3 went on a special Romans' Day at Mansfield Museum. We did lots of exciting activities! During the morning, we re-enacted the Roman invasions of Britain, we were each given our own Roman name, and we played an exciting game involving Roman numerals! After lunch, we learnt all about Roman medicine and thoroughly enjoyed making up our own ailments to share with Geoff the Priest! We learnt how to relax in a Roman Bath House, and we enjoyed tasting some traditional Roman foods (although, surprisingly, none of us fancied trying a roasted dormouse!) At the end of the day, we got to try on a Roman soldier's helmet and a gladiator mask! We also got to pass around some real Roman artefacts, including a lamp, a sieve and some sandals! A great day was had by everyone involved! Check out our photos below!










Spring Term 1: The Rampaging Romans!

During the first half of the Spring Term, the children in Class 3 will be studying ‘The Rampaging Romans’! This exciting, history-based topic will enable the children to gain a greater understanding of what the Romans did when they created their empire in Britain. Below, you will find links to our Curriculum Overview for this half term and also to our Spring Term 1 General Timetable. The Curriculum Overview summarises what the children will be learning in each subject during this half term, whilst the General Timetable indicates what lessons children will have on each day during a typical working week.

Spring Term 1 General Timetable                        Spring Term 1 Curriculum Overview





Weekly Spelling Lists

Here, you will find copies of spellings that children need to learn for weekly tests. Remember that if children have successfully spelt 70, 80, 90 or 100 spellings correctly, by the time we break up for Easter, they will be receive an invitation to a special Easter Tea Party!



January 2019

Year 3 Spring Set 1 (for 11.01.19)

Year 4 Spring Set 1 (for 11.01.19)

Year 3 Spring Set 2 (for 18.01.19)

Year 4 Spring Set 2 (for 18.01.19)

Year 3 Spring Set 3 (for 25.01.19)

Year 4 Spring Set 3 (for 25.01.19)

Year 3 Spring Set 4 (for 01.02.19)

Year 4 Spring Set 4 (for 01.02.19)

February 2019

Year 3 Spring Set 5 (for 08.02.19)

Year 4 Spring Set 5 (for 08.02.19)

Year 3 Spring Set 6 (for 14.02.19)

Year 4 Spring Set 6 (for 14.02.19)

Year 3 Spring Set 7 (for 01.03.19)

Year 4 Spring Set 7 (for 01.03.19)

 March 2019

Year 3 Spring Set 8 (for 07.03.19)

Year 4 Spring Set 8 (for 07.03.19)

Year 3 Spring Set 9 (for 14.03.19)

Year 4 Spring Set 9 (for 14.03.19)

Year 3 Spring Set 10 (for 22.03.19)

Year 4 Spring Set 10 (for 22.03.19)

Year 3 Spring Set 11 (for 29.03.19)

Year 4 Spring Set 11 (for 29.03.19)

Year 3 Summer Set 1 (for 25.04.19)

Year 4 Summer Set 1 (for 25.04.19)

 April 2019

Year 3 Summer Set 2 (for 02.05.19)

Year 4 Summer Set 2 (for 02.05.19)


Wonderful Wardrobes!

Over the last two weeks, we have been studying The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. As a creative homework challenge, Miss Meakin asked us to have a go at making our very own miniature wardrobes. Lots of us really enjoyed this challenge and Miss Meakin was so impressed with our outstanding work! 










Creativity at Creswell Crags!

On Tuesday 23rd October 2018, we went on a very exciting and dramatic trip to Creswell Crags in Worksop to celebrate the end of our ‘Savage Stone Age’ topic! We took part in several inspirational activities throughout the day, which allowed us to develop our teamwork skills, our confidence and our creativity! First, we had the opportunity to explore Mother Grundy’s Cave! Mother Grundy lived in the Stone Age, and while we were in her home, she taught us how to play a range of Stone Age instruments and told us a magical story about a reindeer hunt that she had been on! After this, we took part in a ‘Survival Skills’ workshop, where our shelter-building, hunting and fire-making skills were put to the test; we felt like we were in training for Bear Gryll’s Survival Academy! After lunch, we thought about how Stone Age people made art from natural resources. We also created our very own sketches and paintings, using feathers, shells, dye, flint and charcoal. What a great way to end our first half-term of the academic year! Check out our photos below and you will see just how much fun we had!

















Time Travelling at St Helen's Church

On Thursday 25th October 2018, we enjoyed participating in a Time Travelling workshop at our local church, St Helen's. We found out all about The Memorial Chapel, we gained an understanding of the symbols contained within the spectacular stained glass windows, we found out how baptism works and we wrote our own prayers to hang on a special prayer tree. What an interesting and thought-provoking morning! 











Spectacular Stonehenge

On 9th October 2018, we looked at Stonehenge, a famous prehistoric monument, which was built and rebuilt by generations of ancient people over 4000 years ago. After thinking about how it was built, what Stone Age people might have done there and how it connects with the sun, we worked in teams to build our own models of Stonehenge out of clay! Our teamwork was excellent and Miss Meakin was very proud of how realistic our models looked!