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Class 3



Hello and Welcome to the Class 3 Webpage!

We are a fantastic, fun and friendly bunch of Year 3 and Year 4 children, who love learning and work extremely hard to be the very best that we can be! Our class teacher is Miss Meakin and the two teaching assistants who work with us are Mrs Groves and Mrs Truby.

On this webpage, you will be able to find out about all of the exciting things that we have been getting up to as well as being able to access useful information, copies of letters that have been sent home and our weekly spelling lists.


Wonderful Wardrobes!

Over the last two weeks, we have been studying The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. As a creative homework challenge, Miss Meakin asked us to have a go at making our very own miniature wardrobes. Lots of us really enjoyed this challenge and Miss Meakin was so impressed with our outstanding work! 










Creativity at Creswell Crags!

On Tuesday 23rd October 2018, we went on a very exciting and dramatic trip to Creswell Crags in Worksop to celebrate the end of our ‘Savage Stone Age’ topic! We took part in several inspirational activities throughout the day, which allowed us to develop our teamwork skills, our confidence and our creativity! First, we had the opportunity to explore Mother Grundy’s Cave! Mother Grundy lived in the Stone Age, and while we were in her home, she taught us how to play a range of Stone Age instruments and told us a magical story about a reindeer hunt that she had been on! After this, we took part in a ‘Survival Skills’ workshop, where our shelter-building, hunting and fire-making skills were put to the test; we felt like we were in training for Bear Gryll’s Survival Academy! After lunch, we thought about how Stone Age people made art from natural resources. We also created our very own sketches and paintings, using feathers, shells, dye, flint and charcoal. What a great way to end our first half-term of the academic year! Check out our photos below and you will see just how much fun we had!

















Time Travelling at St Helen's Church

On Thursday 25th October 2018, we enjoyed participating in a Time Travelling workshop at our local church, St Helen's. We found out all about The Memorial Chapel, we gained an understanding of the symbols contained within the spectacular stained glass windows, we found out how baptism works and we wrote our own prayers to hang on a special prayer tree. What an interesting and thought-provoking morning! 











Spectacular Stonehenge

On 9th October 2018, we looked at Stonehenge, a famous prehistoric monument, which was built and rebuilt by generations of ancient people over 4000 years ago. After thinking about how it was built, what Stone Age people might have done there and how it connects with the sun, we worked in teams to build our own models of Stonehenge out of clay! Our teamwork was excellent and Miss Meakin was very proud of how realistic our models looked!  







Useful Information

Reading Books:

Children in Class 3 are given a book to bring home that is colour-coded at their reading level. Reading assessments take place throughout the school year to ensure that children are given sufficiently challenging reading books. Children can also read books, magazines, newspapers, restaurant menus etc. at home too. When your child reads at home, please record this in their reading diary. Children need to prove that they have finished a book before they are allowed to change it. Children have a ‘Reading Reward Chart’ at the back of their diaries; this is filled in in school every Friday. When children have read 15 times, they get to sit on a special chair in achievement assembly. Once they have read 30 times, they can come to school in their own clothes and bring in a snack of their choice to eat at break time!



In Class 3, children take part in ‘The Remarkably Royal Spellathon’. Every Thursday, children are given ten new, year-group spellings to learn, which they are tested on the following Thursday. If on week 1, children score 10/10 on their spelling test, they move their name next to ‘Queen 10’. If on week 2, they score 10/10 again, they move their name next to ‘Queen 20’. If on week 3, they score 10/10 again, they move their name next to ‘Queen 30’. Once children have reached ‘Queen 100’, they receive a very special treat: a remarkably royal afternoon tea complete with a refreshing drink, scones, mini cakes, biscuits and ice-cream! All allergies will, of course, be catered for.

Children can also practise weekly spellings at 





Maths Homework:

Every Thursday, children are given a piece of maths homework based upon what they have been learning in class that week. Children are given 1 week to complete their homework and they are given an extra ticks on our school behaviour reward system if they complete it and hand it in on time. 



Children in Class 3 have P.E. on Tuesday mornings and also on Wednesday afternoons. Children in Class 3 will start going swimming at Bramcote Leisure Centre on the morning of Tuesday 20th November 2018 so they will need to bring their swimming kits into school for this first time on this day. Children in Class 3 will then swim every Tuesday morning until Tuesday 5th February 2019 (excluding Tuesday 18th December 2018).







Class 3 Break Time Snacks:

Once children start in Year 3, they no longer receive free fruit and vegetables as snacks in school. Therefore, I would really like to encourage children in Class 3 to bring fruit or vegetables into school to have as snacks at break times. Having a healthy snack is a great way for children to keep focussed and motivated to learn during our very busy school days! If snacks could be put into a named zipper bag or plastic box, this would also ensure that children eat their own snacks and do not lose them. Let’s get healthy and energised Class 3!








Here are some great websites that we can visit at home to help us with our learning: (helps you revise every subject!) (lots of great maths games!) (helps you find great books to read and enjoy!) 




Weekly Show and Tell Themes

Here are copies of the weekly letters for our themed Show and Tell sessions:

22.10.18 - Bonfire Night

05.11.18 - Magical Wardrobes   

12.11.18 - Lions                                                                                                                                        


Weekly Spelling Lists

Click on the links below to download copies of weekly spellings for 'The Remarkable Royal Spellathon'


September Spellings

Year 3 - 07.09.18

Year 4 - 07.09.18

Year 3 - 14.09.18

Year 4 - 14.09.18

Year 3 - 21.09.18

Year 4 - 21.09.18

Year 3 - 28.09.18

Year 4 - 28.09.18


October Spellings

Year 3 - 05.10.18

Year 4 - 05.10.18

Year 3 - 12.10.18

Year 4 - 12.10.18

Year 3 - 19.10.18

Year 4 - 19.10.18       

Year 3 - 24.10.18

Year 4 - 24.10.18          


November Spellings

Year 3 - 08.11.18

Year 4 - 08.11.18

Year 3 - 15.11.18

Year 4 - 15.11.18